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And would like to extend my thanks with my whole heart for your interest and care.
(Communication and Broadcasting integration) SoC (System on Chip) and Solution,
and create the environment enabling all devices with display to be compatible with the
digital broadcasting system, thereby helping customers enjoy the digital broad- casting.
PnpNetwork Technologies, Inc.’s management philosophy,
dubbed “Plug and Play Network”, is to share the individuals’ dreams with the company,
making the work- place as momentum in realizing the technology development
as well as achieving the goal.
Among the principles supporting PNP Network’s business philosophy represented by
“Plug and Play Network” is a customer-first spirit, for which all emplo-yees have been
making unsparing efforts to identify and satisfy customers’ needs.

On the back of unrivaled COFDM-related basic technology, PNP Network will be
co- ncentrating its endeavors on providing the customers with highest values with
its successfully commercialized technologies such as demodulation chips
for European DTV and DAB, and domestic terrestrial DMB, and will remain
a company pursuing an innovative and forward-looking goal.