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In line with the tendency of the needs for integration of broadcasting and communication
that has been emerging as the core of digital conversion, PnpNetwork has been
a Fabless non-memory semiconductor designer,

who has laid the foundation to become a leader in the field of SoC (System on Chip)
and Solution.All employees of PnpNetwork have been doing their utmost in pursuit
of constant challe- nges and renovation, thereby eliminating the imbalance in memory
sector-biased local semiconductor industrial structure

as well as providing CBI SoC (Communication and Broadcasting Integration System On Chip)
and Solution that will,no doubt, bring about the customer satisfaction. PnpNetwork, since its foundation
in Oct 2000,succeeded in developing the demodulation chips specifically designed for European
Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting System that have been shipped to the customers both at home and abroad,
following the successful development of the demodulation chips for Digital Broadcasting System.

Furthermore, a successful commercialization of the demodulation of chips for T-DMB
(Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) has greatly contributed
to expanding the market.