PN3021, Back-End SoC (Demodulator+DSP) for DAB/FM(RDS)
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Environmental Matter : RoHs CompliancePb Free Compliance
Chip Overview :
 PN3021 is a system on chip for processing signals of 
  Digital Audio  Broadcasting, compatible to
  DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and
  FM (Frequency  Modulation).
 It consists of baseband for DAB, FM and DSP for  
  audio processing.
 Portable Digital Radio Player.
 Car Radio.
 MP3-DAB Player.
 Kitchen Applications.
 Home Audio.
 iRadio(Internet Radio).
 Chip Overview.

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Brief Specification  
 DAB ETSI 300 401 v1.4.1 standard compliant.
  - All DAB transmission mode (I, II, III and IV) support.
 Low power implementation.
  - under 50mW (DAB mode).
 Upgrade PN3030 DAB Demod.
  - FM/RDS.
  - RF power save.
  - Co-channel rejection.
 High Performance DSP.
  - 32bit RISC architecture with 24-bit audio processing.
  - 16/32/64-bit instruction switching.
 Extensive Interface.
  - I2C, SPI, I2S support.
 Tool and Software Support.
  - UI sample code release.
  - Low cost development environment.
  - MP2  codec library support.
Software Development Kit
 Basic Configuration.
  - DAB stack including ability to decode up to three channels, basic USB connectivity, dynamic range control, 
     I2C slave, application framework, off chip database and infrared remote control.
 Option 1: FM Stack.
  - Adds FM RDS stack.
 Option 2: Mobility Pack.
  - Adds service linking (DAB:DAB, DAB:FM), announcement.
  - (DAB:DAB, DAB:FM) and TII applications. 
  - Especially important in automotive and/or mobile applications.

Function Block Diagram

Package Specification

Supply Voltage

  I/O: 1.8 ~ 3.3V, Core: 1.2V

Core Clock

  200MHz Max

Operation Temperature

  -40 to +85oC

Package Information

  Ball Pitch   0.8mm
  Body Size   9.0 x 9.0 x 1.2(mm3)
  Type   100pin - FBGA