PN3021PC, STACKED SDRAM Part Changed Version from PN3021P
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Chip Overview :
 PN3021P is a system on chip for processing signals of 
  Digital Audio Broadcasting, compatible to
  DAB/DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and
  FM (Frequency  Modulation) and DMB Audio.
 It consists of baseband for DAB/DAB+, FM and DMB
  Audio and DSP for  audio processing.
 Portable Digital Radio Player.
 Car Radio.
 MP3-DAB Player.
 Kitchen Applications.
 Home Audio.
 iRadio(Internet Radio).

Benefits Specification
 DAB ETSI 300 401 v1.4.1 standard compliant.
  - All DAB transmission mode (I, II, III and IV) support.
 Low power implementation.
  - under 50mW (DAB mode).
 Upgrade PN3030 DAB Demod.
  - RF power save.
  - Co-channel rejection.
 High Performance DSP.
  - 32bit RISC architecture with 24-bit audio processing.
  - 16/32/64-bit instruction switching.
 Extensive Interface.
  - I2C, SPI, I2S support.
 Tool and Software Support.
  - DAB(+) decoding library support.
  - UI sample code release.
  - Low cost development environment.
  - MP2 / HE-AAC rev2/ BSAC audio codec library support.

Software Development Kit
 Basic Configuration.
  - DAB stack including ability to decode up to three channels, basic USB connectivity, dynamic range.
    control, I2C slave, application framework, off chip database and infrared remote control.
 Option 1: DAB+/DMB Audio.
  - Add DAB+ and DMB audio(Profile1/2) service.
 Option 2: Mobility Pack.
  - Adds service linking (DAB:DAB, DAB:FM), announcement.
  - (DAB:DAB, DAB:FM) and TII applications.  
 - Especially important in automotive and/or mobile applications.
 Option 3: Multimedia Pack.
  - Record (and timed record) to flash removable media, Advanced file management system.
 Option 4: Clock Radio.
  - Alarm, sleep, buzzer functions.
 Option 5: EPG/DAB Data service.
  - Electronic Program Guide application (includes MOT decoder),
     able to decode and display program information as required.
 Option 6: SPI Slave.
  - NB. SPI slave option only available if multimedia option is not used.

Function Block Diagram

Package Specification

Supply Voltage

  I/O: 1.8 ~ 3.3V, Core: 1.2V

Operation Temperature

  -40 to +85oC

Power consumption

  Under 50mW (DAB Mode)

Package Information

  Ball Pitch


  Body Size

  9.0 x 9.0 x 1.3(mm3)

  Package Type