PN3030EV, Dual Digital Mobile TV Demodulator IC
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Environmental Matter : RoHs CompliancePb Free Compliance
Chip Overview :
 PN3030EV is a superior single-chip decoder for
   mobile digital TV and DAB, ISDB-T application.
 it fully supports the Eureka-147 DAB, T-DMB standards
   (Korea, Europe and China), ISDB-T 1Seg.
   it consists of single 10-bits ADC, 
   flexible COFDM demodulator,  FEC and Data decoder.
 Several interface such as SPI, HPI, EBI2, I2C and
   MPEG2-TS are Implemented providing customers
   with more flexibility. 
 T-DMB/DAB/1-Seg Mobile TV phone.
 Personal Multimedia Player (MP3/PMP).
 Car Application.
 Portable DAB/MP3 Player & PC Player.
 USB Dongle for USB Type PC-Receiver.
 Combo DTV STB.

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Benefits to Design 
 All in one demodulation chip for DAB/T-DMB/ISDB-T 1seg solution Flexible.
 antenna diversity solution support Various interface support such as
   SPI, HPI, EBI2, I2C and TSIF.
 PnpNetwork provides a full SDK solution for easy development environment and flexibility to design.
 AEC-Q100 Certification on progress.
Brief Specification
 Multi-standards support : T-DMB/DAB/ISDB-T and ARIB 
   performance environment compatible.
 All DAB transmission modes (I,II,III, and IV) support.
 Differential or single-ended 10-bits ADS.
 Low-IF (0.85/2.048MHz) support.
 Support IF spectrum auto inversion.
 Variable clock support: 16MHz, 18MHz,19.2MHz, 24MHz.
 Support TII Decoder can detect 5 signals.
 Internal digital AFC loop (no feedback to tuner).
 Variable AGC control architecture (Dual PWM, WAGC/SLI, UP/DN and I2C).
 Dynamic window positioning and channel tracking.
 Embedded on-chip de-interleaving memory forfull 1.824Mbps data rate.
 FIC on-chip memory, access via Host Interfaces.
 Antenna diversity improves 2.5dB CN[DAB]. 
 Fast scan time and Fast channel switching time.
 Dynamic window positioning and channel tracking.
 World best gaussian, rural 120Km/h(TU6).
 Outstanding SFN, Mobility, Adajacent and Co-channel Rejection.
 Low power implementation:under 20mW.
 Compact package:80LFBGA (8.8mm2).
Software Support
 Various configuration support.
  Sample source code support.
   - RF Tuner driver.
   - Interface device driver.
   - baseband control driver.   
Hardware Support
 Various configuration support
  SPI only mode - both control and data transfer with SPI Interface.
  Dual SPI mode - antenna diversity support.
  I2C+TSIF mode - control with I2C and data transfer with TSIF.
Function Block Diagram 

Package Specification

Supply Voltage

  1.2V(Core) / 1.8~3.3V(I/O)

Operation Temperature

  -40 to + 85°C

Power Consumption

  under 20mW (Continuous mode)

Package Information

  Ball Pitch


  Body Size

  8.0 x 8.0 x 1.5 Max(mm3)

  Package type

  80 Pins-LFBGA