PNS3030, Consumer product
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Environmental Matter : RoHs CompliancePb Free Compliance
Chip Overview 
PNS3030 is a highly integrated SoC (System-on-Chip)
  This device is composed of high performance
  RF front-end and demodulation part in a small-size
  single chip. This device supports various interfaces
  such as I2C, TSIF, SPI, HPI and EBI2 to make
  interface with external devices more flexible.
  In addition, PNS3030 can reduce external component
  with on-chip DCDC converter and LDO. 
  With good sensitivity, high linearity, wide dynamic
  range, and low power consumption, PNS3030 is the
  best solution for T-DMB/DAB.

  T-DMB/DAB Mobile TV phone.
  Personal Multimedia Player (MP3/PMP).
  Car Application.
  Portable DAB/MP3 Player & PC Player.
  USB Dongle for USB Type PC-Receiver.
  Combo DTV STB.

Brief Specification 
  Multi-standards support : T-DMB/DAB performance environment compatible.
  All DAB transmission modes (I,II,III, and IV) support.
  Differential or single-ended 10-bits ADS.

  Support TII Decoder can detect 5 signals.
  Internal digital AFC loop (no feedback to tuner).
  Variable AGC control architecture (Dual PWM, WAGC/SLI, UP/DN and I2C).
  Dynamic window positioning and channel tracking.
  Embedded on-chip de-interleaving memory forfull 1.824Mbps data rate.
  FIC on-chip memory, access via Host Interfaces.
  Antenna diversity improves 2.5dB CN[DAB].
  Fast scan time and Fast channel switching time.
  Dynamic window positioning and channel tracking.
  World best gaussian, rural 120Km/h(TU6).
  Outstanding SFN, Mobility, Adajacent and Co-channel Rejection.
  Low power implementation:under 20mW.
  Compact package:8x8 56Punch QFN.

  Mobile TV RF and Baseband one-chip solution.
  Superior system performance.
  Applications in T-DMB, DAB.
  All DAB transmission mode (I, II, III and IV) support.
  Auto-detect of transmission mode and guard interval.
  Automatic RF channel setting.
  Fast automatic channel acquisition and re-acquisition.
  Embedded on-chip de-interleaving memory for full 1.824Mbps data rate.
  Support MRC diversity reception for high performance with dual antenna.
  Variable HOST interfaces support SPI, HPI, I2C, EBI2.
  MPEG2 TSIF of TS data.
  Compatible to QUALCOMM
  On-chip DCDC converter and LDO.
  Minimal external component.
  Ultra low power consumption : 39mW.
  Ultra small size 8 x 8 56 Punch QFN.
  System Clock 13MHz~36MHz.
  RoHS compliant package.

Software Support
  Various configuration support.
  - Sample source code support.
RF Tuner driver.
  - Interface device driver.
  - base band control driver.

Hardware Support
  Various configuration support
  SPI mode - both control and data transfer with SPI Interface.
  I2C+TSIF mode - control with I2C and data transfer with TSIF.

Function Block Diagram 

Package Specification

Supply Voltage

1.2V(Core) / 1.7~3.6V (I/O)

Operation Temperature

-40 to + 85°C

Power Consumption

under 39mW (Extern Power Supply mode)

Package Information

Pin Pitch

0.5 mm

Body Size


Package type

56 Pins punch- QFN