PNS3030AD, a hightly integrated SoC (System-on-Chip) DAB / DMB receiver

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Chip Overview :
 PNS3030AD is a highly integrated SoC(System-on-Chip) DAB/DMB receiver.
This device is composed of high performance RF front-end and demodulation part in a small-size single chip.
This device supports various interfaces such as I2C, SPI to make interface with external devices more flexible.
With good sensitivity, high linearity, wide dynamic range, and low power consumption, PNS3030AD is the best solution for DAB/DMB application.


RF and Baseband one-chip solution with Superior system performanc
Multi-standards support: DAB / DAB+ / DMB-A / T-DMB / HD-DMB(*1
Automatic RF channel setting
Fast automatic channel acquisition and re-acquisition
Outstanding SFN, Mobility, Adjacent and Co-channel rejection
Ideal C/N Performance and Superior Fading Performance
Support MRC diversity reception for high performance with dual antenna
Embedded on-chip de-interleaving memory for full 1.824Mbps data rate
FIC on-chip memory, access via HOST interfaces (SPI and I2C)
Decoding Information: FIC and MSC
Low power consumption: MAX 650mW (TBD)
Compact package: 108-pin Fine pitch BGA( 8 x 8mm2, 0.65mm ball pitch ) (TBD)
System clock : 24.576Mhz

Automotive Digital Radio System for receiving dual channel DAB signal
Aftermarket car radio and audio syste
Boom Box and Audio component syste
Smart Speaker system for Digital Radio and Kitchen Radio application
* Note 1: HD-DMB is required the proper CAS solution in HOST MCU processor for source decoding.

Ordering Information
Order Number PNS3030AD
Package Information Ball Pitch 0.65mm
Body Size 8mm x8mmx1.2mm
Pin Count (Type) 108 balls (FBGA)
Supply Voltage Core 1.2V
I/O 3.0 ~ 3.3V
Operation Temperature -40 ~ +85oC (TBD)
Storage Temperature -50 ~ +150oC